A image from the Origin Style 2 range featuring a wardrobe chest within a coastal theme.

5 Eco Friendly Interior Design Tips for Earth Day

20th Apr 2018 Design Inspiration & Lifestyle

Interior Design is not just about choosing the perfect aesthetic, it is important to think about sustainable design. This Earth Day we have rounded up our top eco-friendly interior design tips.

Here at Kindred, we always put sustainability at the heart of our designs. Designing your home to be environmentally friendly is not only beneficial for the environment, it is also beneficial for the health of your household. Our top tips will reduce your impact on the planet without giving up your comfort or style.

Use Plants to Decorate

Using houseplants to decorate will improve the air quality within your home. Houseplants breathe in carbon dioxide and release oxygen, filtering the air and removing harmful chemicals. This is a simple (and easy) way to add a sense of natural beauty to your home.

If you really want to improve your indoor air quality, the best plants to use are peace lilies, bamboo palm and aloe vera.

a mood board style image featuring the text 'bring the outside in' and some photographs of flowers.

Let Light into your Home

Now it is finally beginning to get warmer it is important to make the most of the daylight. Utilise your rooms with south-facing windows, as these will get the most sunlight during the day! Using daylight instead of electrical lighting means you can save on your energy bills. When you do light your home in the evenings, use energy-efficient lighting.

a mood board style image featuring the text let the sun shine and some photography of sunlight landing on a desk.

Choose Furniture made from Natural Materials

Forget furniture made of plastic, polyester and nylon. Consider furnishing your home with a natural wood like bamboo.

Buying new natural furniture can often be more expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. We love looking for antiques and restored furniture to add a rustic, warm touch to our homes.

Choose Natural Textiles

Don’t just furnish your home sustainably – accessorise sustainably too. Try wool-stuffed pillows and mattresses. This not only cuts down on products that end up in landfills, it also means your accessories are not made up of VOC-laced flame retardants, which can lead to health problems. Wool is hypoallergenic, biodegradable and recyclable. It is also considered to be the most fire-resistant textile fibre.

a mood board style image featuring the text au naturel next to a photograph of a footstool, and a jewellery box.

Use Stone or Wood Flooring

Carpets can be full of chemicals and pollutants, and it often releases these toxins into your home during its lifespan. Even the hardest-wearing carpets need to be replaced often. Opt for real wood or stone to be as eco-friendly as possible.

a mood board style image featuring the text step this way and imagery from the sculpt range featuring wooden floors and 3 swatches of different coloured woods.

Will you be making any changes to your home this Earth Day?

A photograph of a wardrobe from the kindred origin range with a reflection of a bucket and spade in the window.A close up photograph of a coastal themed cushion on a bed featuring neutral colours and seagulls.A close up photograph of a pair of grey curtains in with a rope tie.