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Complete the Look: A Royal Bedroom

02nd May 2018 Complete the Look Inspiration & Lifestyle

This edition of Complete the Look is dedicated to the Royal Wedding day. We have brought together our top tips for creating a bedroom that's fit for a queen (or princess).

The Royal Wedding day of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle is closing in and our excitement is growing to majestic levels! The couple are breaking the usual royal wedding tradition and having their special date on a weekend rather than a weekday; Saturday, May 19th to be precise!

As Harry and Meghan are going against convention with their wedding, our royal bedroom is avoiding convention and ignoring Union Jack print, bulldogs and even crowns! Take a look at how you can create a modern, on-trend bedroom that’s fit for a royal.


When looking for the colours to decorate our royal bedroom look, we took inspiration from the flowers Harry and Meghan have chosen for their Royal Wedding day. The arrangements will reportedly include White Garden Roses, Foxgloves and Peonies.

Pinterest boards for the royal wedding day

Take a look at our Royal Wedding Pinterest board for more inspiration.

The flowers have formed the starting point for our colour palette, which includes neutral colours with a fresh spring feel, and uses pinks to add a touch of glamour.


To create a space fit for a queen, we love decorating with smaller cushions as this adds a sense of depth and texture to your bed – perfect for coming home to at the end of the day. The three cushions we have chosen will add a different feel to your bed by incorporating velvet, sheepskin and satin.

Three cushions using royal wedding day colours

1. The Crushed Velvet Cushion is available in 5 different colours. The rose is our top Royal Wedding day pick! Being stylish and on trend, it brings added comfort to your bed. £25, Marks and Spencer.
2. This Mongolian Sheepskin Cushion is beautiful and incredibly soft, perfect for your luxury bedroom. £40, Next.
3. These Metallic Stripe Cushions are a bargain! The colour is perfect to suit the flowers for the Royal Wedding day, whilst adding a touch of traditional glamour. £10, Next.


Getting the lighting in your bedroom is crucial to creating a relaxed atmosphere to look forward to for the end of the day. Too much lighting can disrupt your natural sleeping pattern in the hours before bed! Here are our top picks for lights to add a touch of glam!

3 glamorous royal wedding day lighting options

1. We love this Amelia Chandelier, its alternative style make it the perfect light for any home. The contrast between the steel frame and shiny crystals is the perfect mix of industrial glam. £190, BHS.
2. This Champagne Glass Tall Table Light will cast a beautiful soft light around your bedroom. Designed to be a statement piece and to add a modern touch to your interior. £100, Debenhams. 
3. This Easy Fit Shadelier is similar to our Amelia Chandelier however it has a small grey shade, which adds a touch of elegance to the light. This Shadelier is a steal! £30, Next.


When decorating a royal bedroom, less is always more. Choose muted accessories which create a relaxed clean atmosphere, perfect for any princess. Everything should follow the same colour scheme and fit seamlessly into place. What accessories do you think Harry and Meghan will have for their Royal Wedding day?

3 royal wedding day themed accessories

1. This silver leaf design frame is elegant and incredibly delicate making it the perfect addition to your home. The leaf print also fits in perfectly with the botanical jungle trend. £19.99, Zara.
2. We love having fresh flowers in our homes, but with such a busy schedule we always feel like we never see them at their peak! This Fox & Ivy Artificial Hydrangeas in the Mercury Vase, look fabulous all of the time! £18, Tesco. 
3. No room is complete without a scented candle. We love this pink grapefruit and oleander candle. It not only smells great but the rose colour is perfect for this look. £6.99, H&M.


Mirrors are a great way of lightening up your bedroom. We love having a dramatic mirror as the focal point of our bedroom. These are our top mirrors for creating an impact in your bedroom with a royal feeling.

3 mirrors to add royal wedding day style to your room

1. Give your room a French boudoir twist with this detailed freestanding frame. £150, John Lewis.
2. This stunning frameless wall mirror is made up of continuous loops around a diamond-shaped centre. This creates a real sense of movement and elegance becoming a striking focal point to your room. £460, Next. 
3. Liven up your home with this ornate, dramatic mirror. Being lightweight this mirror can instantly create a drastic impact on your home. As this mirror is relatively large it encourages more light to be bounced around darker areas of your home. £99, Dunelm.

Not sure our Royal Wedding day look is for you? Head over to the Complete the Look section of our blog where you will find more interior inspiration designed to get you started with your own style transformations. Already have a Kindred bedroom? Share your room on social media using #KindredBedrooms so we can enjoy it too!

Is your bedroom ready for the big day?

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