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Complete the Look with Natalie Pinkham

08th Sep 2017 Complete the Look

This month we have a very special edition of Complete the Look with Natalie Pinkham.

We are taking inspiration from the Sky Sports F1 presenter and hard working mother and wife. Take a look at our top products for creating her understated, chic look.

You can also watch the video from our visit to Natalie’s home, and discover more about why she chose Kindred.


Here at Kindred, we believe in making room for more. Space is integral to a good night sleep. One thing we love is a dressing table. Not just a place to get ready in the morning, dressing tables are our storage solution for day to day life.

Naturally, you need to be comfortable as you prepare, so here are our top three picks for dressing table stools.

Three dressing table stools to Complete the Look with Natalie Pinkham

1, Upholstered Dressing Table Stool, £89.99, Wayfair

2, Luxury Shorthair Sheepskin Cube, £350.00, The White Company 

3, INGOLF White Stool, £25.00, IKEA


Layering cushions on a bed is a great way to add a touch of luxury to your room, as well as adding extra comfort to your bed. We suggest mainly sticking to a neutral, light colour palette, as lots of bold bright colours can appear busy and be distracting.

When looking at Natalie Pinkham’s bedroom, she opted for a white and grey colour scheme, with hints of navy to add depth and a touch of royalty to the room.

Three cushions for inspiration to Complete the Look with Natalie Pinkham

1, House Sherpa Cushion, £15.00, John Lewis

2, Langdon Navy Cushion Cover, £79.00, Ralph Lauren Home, House of Fraser

3, Large Putty Cotton Slub Cushion, £14.00, Dunelm


Lighting is really important in a bedroom. Bright lights can harm sleep, so it is important to keep lighting muted. Bedside lamps are great for reading at night, without keeping everyone in the family awake.

Our favourites are the mirrored bedside lamps from the French Bedroom Company, as they feel glamorous without the heavy price tag.

Three lamps to help Complete the Look with Natalie Pinkham

1, Smoke and Crackle Glass Table Lamp, £35.00, Next

2, Sabrina Table Lamp, £85.00, The French Bedroom Company 

3, Gaynor Table Lamp, £65.00, John Lewis


As the seasons change it is time to move your style with them. Give your home that fresh feeling, without having to keep your windows open all day, with one of our favourite scented candles.

The No.1 Cotton is a bargain from H&M, however we must admit we love the Jo Malone Grapefruit Candle (even just for special occasions).

Three candles inspired by Complete the Look with Natalie Pinkham

1, Scent One White Candle, £25.00, Kelly Hoppen

2, No1. Scented Candle in holder, £3.99, H&M

3, Grapefruit Home Candle, £44.00, Jo Malone

Complete the Look with Natalie Pinkham showing her bed and small chestComplete the Look with Natalie Pinkham's dressing tableCandle in room inspiring the Complete the Look with Natalie Pinkham