Creating a bedroom fit for your little prince or princess

08th May 2019 Design

Your little one may not be the heir to the throne, but he/she is no less deserving of royal treatment! We're sharing our favourite tips for designing your child's bedroom, so they can have a space fit for a prince or princess that you both love.

We believe celebrations are in order, as Spring has seen the arrival of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s new royal baby boy- such lovely news!

As a member of the royal family, we imagine the new addition will have a beautiful nursery/bedroom, decorated to perfection with the ideal balance of practical and adorable.

If you’re not a member of the royal family yourself, don’t fret- at Kindred, we believe everyone should have the bedroom of their dreams, whether they are 5 or 55. That’s why, we’re sharing our top tips on designing a room that’s perfect for your own little Prince or Princess, so they too can feel like royalty when they get in to bed!

Making the space classically timeless

Unless you plan on moving house in the near future, it’s likely that your child’s bedroom will continue to be their space for a long time. As they grow and develop, so will their tastes and what they deem as ‘cool’ will change multiple times throughout their childhood- they probably won’t love dinosaurs and fairies forever!

To enable that your child always has a bedroom that makes them feel special, while also saving yourself money and time, we recommend creating a blank canvas with a classic colour that can be built upon easily as your child grows.

A calming, elegant colour such as a dusky pink, light grey, or even white makes the perfect canvas that can be accessorised to match your child’s passion at the time. From this, details such as duvet cover, cushions, curtains and artwork can be used to express personality at a much lower cost and can be swapped out easily when tastes change.


Furniture is also an element of the room that we recommend to keep timeless, choosing pieces that can have dual usage, can continue to be practical as your child grows and will continue to fit the style of the room, no matter how many changes are made to decor.

Wardrobes and chest of drawers will need to grow as your little one does, so why not start out with full sized pieces from the get-go? Investing in fitted wardrobes will save you money in the long run, enable that your child has sufficient storage for all of their belongings and can easily be changed-up with details such as handles and internal options should you need to alter the style.

For a touch of  ‘royal’ glamour, why not go for a Gloss White finish that will suit almost any colour or theme your little Prince/Princess desires? For a more classic finish, Matt Oak and Porcelain are perfect for a timeless space that will work seamlessly as a blank canvas for your child’s imagination.


Picking the perfect bed


The bed is a great way to incorporate fun and practicality in to your little one’s royal bedroom. There are many fun beds available, with tents, princess-like canopies and curtains for a novelty element that will make your child excited to go to sleep at night.

You could even make your own regal canopy by attaching a crown to the ceiling, then draping light material down to each corner of the bed- an affordable but effective way to make your little one feel special!

Beds are also a great way to introduce extra storage space, whether with in-built cupboards and drawers (cabin beds), or with storage boxes if there is empty space between the frame and the floor. This will help clear more floor space for play time and will keep clutter at a minimum.


Maximising floor space

Having space to play and let their imaginations run wild is a sure fire way of making your child feel like the king/queen of their own room. But, it’s not about having the biggest bedroom in the world, it’s about maximising the floor space of the room they have, no matter how big or small it is.


A great way to remove clutter from the floor is to integrate storage around the room, such as on the back of doors, under the bed, through integrated shelving and built in to seating. A shoe rack or hooks on the back of doors are a great way to remove the need for a shelving unit on the floor, freeing up valuable space. A trunk that doubles as a seat is also a great way to tidy away toys in a multi-functional piece of furniture that doesn’t take up much room.

To add a royal touch to your child’s floor space, why not add a plush rug? This will provide a comfortable place for children to sit and play, will make the room seem more cosy and will make them feel like a ‘grown up.’


Add personality


Once you’ve created your blank canvas and invested in furniture, it’s time to work with your little Prince or Princess to inject their personality into the room. After all, if your child has had their input, they’re more likely to love it and feel like it’s their castle!

There are a number of ways to mix up decor that won’t be too costly or permanent- Why not ask your child to choose and embrace a theme, picking a matching duvet covers, cushions, wall art and curtains?

If your little one is set on personalising the walls, wall stickers are a great way to inject colour and fun without needing a long-term fix when their tastes change.

Does your child thinks themselves as the next Picasso? Why not introduce a chalk board wall or door so they can continue to personalise their room with illustrations?

If dressing up is more their thing, a great way to make your child feel like a true Prince or Princess is to give them their own dressing up rail or box!

Everyone deserves to feel like royalty in their bedroom!

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