Creating a bedroom to grow with your child

10th Sep 2018

With the start of the new school year confirming that your little one is growing up (too fast!), there's never been a better time to give your child's bedroom a big-girl or big-boy makeover...

September is the perfect time to think about changing up your child’s bedroom, however, too many parents fall victim to over-excitement, making spontaneous purchases a little one will become bored of all too-soon.

A racing car bed may seem fun at the time, but a year later when the novelty has worn off or your child has outgrown it, you will need to spend money on a replacement.

The best way to avoid unnecessary spending is to create a bedroom that will grow with your child and change as their tastes do.

We’re sharing our top-tips for designing a timeless space, so it can adapt with your son or daughter as they get older, saving you time and money in the long run.

Furniture that will last

It’s easy to get carried away buying cute furniture for young children, but as they get older the pieces will soon seem too juvenile and will need to be replaced. Avoid this by investing in standard sized, good quality furniture which will stand the test of time and that you can imagine being in your house for years to come.

Instead of buying a child-sized wardrobe or chest of drawers, invest in bigger items, like a beautifully fitted wardrobe, that their clothes will grow into, and you will always love. There’s a saying that “only the rich can afford to buy cheap,” and in this case it’s true. Although the furniture may cost you more initially, you will save yourself money in the long run as it will last through the years.

Multi-functional pieces

When transitioning from an infant room to an older child’s room, the versatility of multi-functional furniture is perfect. A changing table can become a desk for homework, wardrobe internals can become extra storage for toys, and shelves for nappies can become displays of books and folders.

Think carefully about the different ways you can use each piece of furniture before buying it and you will find it will have a purpose for much longer, making the spend worth while.

Keep investment pieces neutral

One easy way to increase the longevity of your space is to keep main features neutral, so they can be easily suited to the ever-changing tastes of your little one. It can be tempting to paint walls a bright colour, or to get a carpet that makes a statement, but by keeping these neutral you can easily change up accessories when needed and save yourself refurbishing the whole room every time your child’s favourite colour changes!

Change up accessories

Accessories are a great way for your little one to add personality to their space. Bed covers, cushions, curtains and rugs can be changed every few years to refresh as your child grows, so expensive furniture can remain the same and walls don’t need to be painted.

Another great way to alter the feel of a room for a fraction of the cost is by changing up wardrobe and chest handles. For inspiration, check out our selection of 40 handles that cover an array of styles:



Clever storage

If there’s a room in the house that needs extra storage, it’s definitely a child’s bedroom. With a never-ending supply of toys, books and clothes, clever storage solutions are needed to keep a room clutter free from infancy, right through to the teenage years.

As well as an investment wardrobe and chest, consider choosing a bookshelf, creating a desk, or planning shelving into your fitted furniture. Kindred can help design storage around your available space. Check out our website for more information: