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28th Jun 2019 Design

Follow our expert advice to create the perfect walk-in-wardrobe- a space truly unique to your style, designed to help you get ready and store your belongings with ease.


Dressing rooms make a luxurious addition to a bedroom and are top of the list on a lot of people’s ‘dream home’ scenarios- and, rightly so. They can add value to your home, make everyday life easier, reduce clutter and give you a space of your own to display and organise your belongings.

Are you one of those people longing for the perfect walk-in-wardrobe, but don’t know where to start?

Well, don’t worry- this blog post will guide you through everything you need to consider in order to create the perfect dressing room for your tastes, lifestyle and space.


Before you start planning

There are a number of practicalities to consider and questions to ask yourself before diving into the planning of your dressing room:

  1. Will your walk-in-wardrobe simply be used for storing clothes and accessories, or will you be using the space to do make-up and hair?
  2. Will you be sharing the space with a partner or children?
  3. How do you envision the space? For example, would you like it to be minimalist and modern, or classic and lavish?
  4. Will your wardrobes/dressing room just house clothes and accessories, or will you require storage for other household items? (e.g.  bedding, towels, suitcases, paperwork)

Once you have the logistics laid out in front of you, you can start to move forward with your planning, knowing exactly how you need your space to function and how you want it to look.

Where is your dressing room going to go?

You’ve decided on having a walk-in-wardrobe, so now it’s time to decide where it’s going to go. If you have the space and you’re lucky enough to already have a smaller room next to or near to your master bedroom, this would be the ideal place to create your walk-in dressing space. This would mean it can be kept separate from your bedroom, saving you the cost of knocking through and freeing up floor space in your master bedroom.

If you’re not scared of renovation or you’d planned for this anyway, blocking access to your box room from the hallway and opening up the wall that joins it to your bedroom will offer practical access and make your bedroom feel larger.

Don’t be disheartened if you don’t have the spare room for a separate dressing space- It’s easy to recreate the appearance of a walk-in dressing room on a long run of wall or if you have an alcove in your bedroom. This area can be separated using a stud partition wall or a curtain, meaning your wardrobes will still be hidden away despite being in the same room.


Choose your features

If you decided in the beginning that your dressing room will be used for more than just storing your clothes, then you will need to design it to reflect this. For example, if you plan on using the space to do your hair and make-up, then an integrated dressing table could be a great addition to make. It would also be practical to think about electrical sockets if you need to be able to plug in a hair dryer and hair straighteners.

Other useful features could be a full length mirror, unless you choose to have mirrored doors on your wardrobes, and an ottoman or seating area for trying on shoes/laying clothes out ready for the morning.

Pick your smart storage solutions and maximise space

Fitted wardrobes are the perfect way to make the most of your available space, allowing your rails to reach from wall-to-wall and and meaning extra storage solutions can be included to reflect your needs.

Start choosing your storage by reflecting on how you usually prefer to store your clothes. For example, if you tend to hang the majority of your garments up with coat hangers, rail space will need to be a priority in your design, with full length hanging available for long garments. However, if you normally fold your clothes and tidy them away in drawers then you may want to favour drawers and shelving in your planning.

It’s also important to factor in shoe storage, swimwear, handbags and other accessories, which can be stored with smart, bespoke internal solutions.

Clever, flexible and beautiful in design, our Kindred wardrobe internals have been carefully considered to work around your needs. Available in Walnut, Oak and Linen finishes, choose from stackable drawers, accent shelves, drawer organisers, shoe storage and pigeon units. Alternatively make a bespoke internal solution, tailored to your personal needs. Check out our full range of internals here.

Check out our step-by-step guide to planning your fitted wardrobe here.


Getting the lighting just right

You’ve planned your wardrobes and designed your dressing table, so now it’s time to make sure your space is going to have the perfect lighting and accessories! If your room doesn’t have it’s own window and doesn’t get the benefit of a window in your bedroom, it’s important to make sure you install sufficient overhead lighting. In an ideal world, your dressing table would be situated next to a natural light source, but if this isn’t possible we would recommend spot lighting or Hollywood style mirror lights, as shown in our walk-in-wardrobe design.

If you’re looking to create ambiance with extra lighting, delicately frame your wardrobe with LED strip lighting, or add internal spot lights (Both available from Kindred) on the inside of your wardrobe to brighten up your storage space and make a show of your internals.


Everyone deserves the wardrobe of their dreams

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