Design trend: The rise of warm neutrals

11th Jan 2019 Design

Comfort is on the agenda for 2019, with warm neutrals, cosy earth tones and mellow yellows set to take the interior world by storm...

This year, cool tones are to take a back seat, as the interior world embraces warmer shades in a bid to create comforting, cosy homes. As an ambassador for arguably the most comfortable room of the house, we’re welcoming warm neutrals with open arms. Read on for a selection of ways you can incorporate the rising trend into your own bedroom.



Big brands such as Dulux and Sherwin Williams are leading the way when it comes to paint trends for 2019, with both of their ‘Colours of the Year’ taking on a warmer tone. Dulux’s ‘Spiced Honey’ is a beautiful mixture of caramel and amber, while Sherwin Williams has selected an earthy, terracotta shade, ‘Cavern Clay,’ as its chosen one. Pair any of these colours with a beautiful nude to create a warming feature wall, or use for your whole bedroom for a cosy statement.

1. Angora Blanket – Dulux
2. Spiced Honey – Dulux
3. Summer Pecan – Dulux
4. Kindling and Swiss Coffee – Behr
5. Cavern Clay – Sherwin Williams
6. Cardamom U2 – Benjamin Moore Century Range



Most finishes of furniture will allow for a warm neutral colour scheme to be introduced. If you are thinking of changing your furniture, we would recommend an Oak, Cashmere, Stone or Porcelain finish to truly compliment the cosy effect, as cool tones may deflect from the warmth you’re trying to create.


A simple way to bring the warm neutral trend to your room is through a new duvet cover. A darker earthy tone looks stunning against a nude wall, while matching tones across the room will create a beautiful calming effect. To bring an extra cosy element, mix and match textures on your bed to create the perfect relaxing haven.

 Eventail Patterned Duvet Cover – La Redoute
Crinkle Velvet Duvet Cover – Next 
Cream textured ‘Seeksucker’ Duvet Set – Debenhams



Baskets are a practical and attractive way to add natural textures to your bedroom, in a variety of different materials, structures and shapes. They are also proving to be popular as we start 2019, with many baskets in warm, neutral shades seen on the new season market.

Rattan Basket – H&M
Tahiti Basket – Anthropologie
Seagrass Woven Basket – Matalan



Decorative cushions are a great way to layer different neutral shades into your bedroom design, whilst making your sleeping space extra cosy. If you’re using subtle colours for walls, flooring and bedding, coloured cushions in earthy tones and muted yellow are a great way to breath extra life into the space.

Embroidered Ryleigh Cushion – Anthropologie
Smooth Sateen Cushion Cover – Zara
 Canvas Cushion Cover – H&M



An easy way to incorporate the rising trend into your bedroom is through accessories. Little details in muted, neutral colours can help create a feeling of comfort and calm, whilst bringing your look together.

Wool-Blend Blanket – H&M
Hannah Vase – Anthropologie 
Succulent in planter – Matalan
Cord + Wood Poster Frame – Urban Outfitters


Are you getting on board with the warm trend this year? Or, are you the trendsetter who already has a neutral bedroom? Share your cosy bedroom images and tips with us on social media!

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