How to plan lighting in to your bedroom design

07th Jul 2020 Design

As the bedroom is where we spend most of our late nights and early mornings, it's essential that the lighting is just right, so that we can cope with the darkest parts of the day in style and comfort.

Lighting isn’t just an aesthetic element of a bedroom, it’s also a necessity, as we usually spend the darkest parts of the day in this space. It needs to be considered carefully before beginning a bedroom design, as the perfect lighting can help you carry out the everyday tasks- like choosing your clothes for the day, getting ready in front of the mirror and winding down with a good book- in ease and comfort.

Our Kindred Bedroom designers are there to help you make those all important choices- but if you’re looking for inspiration at the moment, here are some of the key design elements to consider when planning your bedroom lighting.



Task lighting

Task lighting is arguably the most important lighting in your bedroom when layered with your general lighting, as it assists you with the practicalities of everyday life- such as seeing the items of clothing in your wardrobe clearly or reading a book before bed. Different lighting options are available to help with each activity, so it’s important to consider these so they can be designed into your new bedroom plans effectively.

If you are someone who loves to wind down at the end of the day with a good book, then task lighting beside your bed is a must. You can go for low hanging pendants, sconces, wall mounted spot lights, or bedside lamps, which would require you to have matching bedside tables to rest them on. It’s important to make this decision early on as you don’t want to decide after planning your bedroom layout/starting installation that you need bedside tables after all.



When it comes to illuminating the contents of your wardrobe, spotlights are a great solution. Not only do they help you see your belongings more clearly, they also create a warm ambience when the doors are opened. At Kindred Bedrooms, we have a selection of LED Flat Disc Lights, LED Under/Over Cabinet Light, or Rechargeable Battery Lights that can be installed in to your wardrobe design, and we also offer motion sensors, which can be mounted inside a cabinet unit and will detect once the door is opened, switching the light on until the doors are closed again. Download our e-brochure to explore our spotlight offering.




Ambient lighting

Ambient lighting is all about creating a welcoming, comfortable environment that you enjoy spending time in. It layers with your general lighting (your central ceiling light) to bring a warmth to your room and illuminate features you want to make eye-catching.

For example, our Kindred LED strip lighting  can be used, as shown below in our Parity Gloss Cashmere bedroom, to make a glamorous feature of your wardrobe by framing it beautifully. This can also be used to back-light shelves, to bring warmth to the inside of your wardrobes, or to highlight mirrors for a Hollywood-style dressing area.




Accent lighting

If you’re looking for a way to create a statement or a focal point in your bedroom, accent lighting is the way to go. This can be a bold central light fitting/shade, hanging pendants at either side of your bed, or an eye catching desk lamp. Whatever your style, there will be a accent light design that will suit your Kindred fitted bedroom and create the look you’re dreaming of.


We love how Essential Interiors in Durham used this stunning ceiling light to create a glamorous statement that instantly demands the attention of the room. Not only is a ceiling light essential for practical purposes- it’s also a great place to use accent lighting to become a central feature.



Natural lighting

Last but not least, natural lighting is something you really want to take into account when planning your bedroom design as it can truly determine the feel and practical nature of a space. For example, if you only have one small window that lets in natural light, but you want to use your bedroom as a place to get ready on a morning, it would be important to plan your dressing table or mirrored area close to this window, so you can make the most of the natural light when applying make-up or choosing an outfit.

It’s also important to consider which parts of your room aren’t blessed with much natural light so that you can plan task lighting accordingly, to ensure those parts of the room are still practical for their intended purpose.


We hope we’ve helped to inspire your lighting choices when designing your brand-new bedroom!

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