Kindred Chapter Bed frame in the Kindred Cottage Roomset

How to choose a bed that’s perfect for you

12th Feb 2018 Inspiration & Lifestyle

Getting your recommended eight hours every night can be difficult (sometimes impossible). As we spend roughly one-third of our lives in bed, it's crucial we have one that's perfect for us. Here's how to choose a bed that's right for you.

1. Know the size of your bedroom

It’s important to take a good look at your bedroom and all of your available space. This will help to give you an idea of what size bed you can have. If your room is slightly smaller or an awkward shape, there are tips and tricks which give the illusion of more space. For example, keeping your bed and surrounding furniture low to the ground, and your walls cleaner, creates more space above, making the ceiling seem higher. 

2. Determine your budget

The perfect bed doesn’t have to cost the earth. Although a bed is a big investment, a good night sleep is crucial for your health and wellbeing, and you can’t put a price on that. Visiting a few stores is the best way to compare different beds and prices. Shopping around is the best tip for how to choose a bed and find the one perfect for you.  

3. Look into the functions of the bed

As well as looking at the space available in your bedroom, it is important to think about how you use your bedroom. It’s not just the space we sleep in, it is also the space we wake up in, get ready in, and relax in. A bedroom should be flexible and fit around your life.

4. Choosing a bed type

There are many different types of bed: canopy, four-poster, divan, feather, futons, hammocks, lofts, sleighs, sofas, space saving beds, water, platform. This is the fun part! Selecting a bed type is a key decision in how to choose a bed that’s right for you. We suggest trying a few out for size in the shop. 

Now For Some Inspiration


A modern bed is typically a clean platform bed frame. There are lots of styles of slatted bed frames, which you do not need to purchase an additional headboard for. Slatted bed bases allow for more ventilation and circulation around your mattress, which is perfect for a fresh and cool night’s sleep.

How to choose a bed moodboard style image featuring three different bed frames next to each other, the first is a grey upholstered bed frame, the second is a dark brown wooden four poster bed and the third is a silver metal framed bed.

1 Juliette Upholstered Bed, £699, Feather & Black
2 The Hedonistic Black 4 Poster Bed, £995, The French Bedroom Company
3 Henley Bedstead Nickel,edf £625, Feather & Black


Classic beds are typically wooden or on a divan base. Divan bases are actually slightly smaller in size than a slatted bed, which gives you some extra room. Divan bases also allow for a choice of headboard, allowing you to add your own personal touch to your bedroom.

How to choose a bed moodboard featuring three classic style bed frames, the first is Kindred's own classic bed frame which is a white and oak wood, the second is a grey upholstered bed frame with curved edges and the third is a white classic frame.

4 Classic Bed Frame, white, £819, Kindred
5 Camille High End Bedstead, Willis & Gambier 
6 Provencal Bonaparte French Bed, £1,795, The French Bedroom Company 


Do you need more space in your bedroom? Under bed storage is usually built into the bed frame. This is perfect for storing your Winter clothes away, keeping them out of sight but close at hand.

How to choose a bed moodboard comprising of three storage bed frames the first is a grey ottoman style bed frame, the second is a grey upholstered ottoman bed frame on feet and the third is a wooden ottoman bed frame.

7 Juliette Ottoman, £1149, Feather & Black
8 Rochester Upholstered Storage Bed Frame, £799, John Lewis
9 Woody Storage Bed, £995, Loaf

A photograph of the Kindred Chapter style 3 room set featuring a soft toy pig on the bed wearing a stripe party hat.A photograph of the wooden bed frame in the Parity style 2 room set with grey bedding and graphic black and white pillows.A close up image of the beaded embroidery on a cushion in the Flow Style 1 room set.