A Kindred Christmas: Preparing the perfect guest bedroom

10th Dec 2019

Make your friends and family feel right at home this Christmas with our perfect guest bedroom checklist...

Whether you’re hosting the Christmas party, you’re hosting the day itself, or your family are travelling to you in the holidays, chances are you will have guests for the night. As it’s the most wonderful time of the year, why not go above and beyond to make their stay a lovely one?

We’ve pulled together a checklist of the little details that could make all the difference for a guest, and they’re easily achieved on a budget if needed.

1. A well-made bed

We’re starting our checklist with the most obvious, but most important detail. For your guest to have an amazing night sleep, they need all the essentials for a cosy bed set-up. Start with a fresh duvet cover and pillow cases, a duvet that’s a suitable tog value for the heat of your home, and a comfortable mattress with a protector.

If you have the resources to go that little bit further, spare pillows and a spare (lower or higher tog) duvet would be a lovely touch, so guests can make their sleeping arrangements just how they like them.

  1. Dunelm £19 – £35                                            2. Next £32 – £62                                     3. Yorkshire Linen Co. £14.99

2. Black-out blinds/curtains

After a day of festivities and a few glasses of wine, a good night sleep is essential to recover! That’s why it’s important your guests aren’t awoken prematurely by the rising sun. If you are able to, invest in a good blackout blind, or a pair of blackout curtains to make sure the light can’t sneak through.

If this isn’t possible, the same result can be achieved by making sure the curtains or blinds you already have, close properly and block out the light.

  1. John Lewis £60 – £85                                                                       2. Ebay £16.95

3. A place to get ready

A great piece of furniture to have in a guest bedroom is a dressing table. This will give your visitors a place to get ready in the morning, as they may not feel comfortable using your bathroom for a long period of time (or there may be a queue!). It will also give them place to store the bits and bobs they brought with them.

If you don’t have a dressing table, a suitable mirror will do the trick.

Tip: If you’re stuck for space, hang a full length mirror on the inside of a wardrobe door, or on the back of the bedroom door.

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4. The Wifi Password and charging station

Such is the modern world that the WiFi password is now one of the most important things to have when staying away from home- that, and somewhere to charge mobile devices. To make the stay a smooth ride for your guests, have these things easily accessible, with a spare charger in the room, and either a card with your WiFi code on it, or have it displayed in a small frame.

  1. Etsy £5.90                                                                                                            2. Etsy  £5.51

5. A welcome tray

An inexpensive way to make your guests feel special is to provide them with a welcome tray. This can include miniature toiletries, refreshments such as a bottle of water and breakfast bars, magazines, and pillow spray. The magic of this is that you can go as extravagant or simple as you like, and your guests will appreciate the thought all the same.

Photo credit: HeartWoodHome

6. A dressing gown, slippers and towels

Last but not least, if you’re looking to create a luxury hotel feel for your guests, why not pop a dressing gown, slippers and guest towels on the end of their beds? Not only will it mean one less thing your visitors have to worry about packing, it will also make them feel more comfortable and at home in their room.

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Make yourself at home...

Have we inspired you to go that extra mile for your guests this Christmas? Have we missed anything from our checklist? Let us know over on social media, and share your guest bedroom images with us.