Meet the Designer: What Inspired the Sculpt Range?

20th Aug 2018

Let us introduce you to Ashleigh Hanwell, one of the amazing creative minds behind our Kindred bedroom designs...

In our first edition of Meet the Designer, we’re talking all things inspiration and style with our Lead Creative at Kindred, Ashleigh Hanwell. She named Sculpt as her favourite range from across our Modern and Classic collections, so we were eager for her to explain what inspired it’s bold and distinctive look.

Why did the range become 'Sculpt'?

The name was something that came naturally to the range. It’s a crafted design, gently carved to create a sophisticated piece of artwork, so we believed it deserved the title.

Why was Italian design an inspiration for the range?

Italian design is predominately modern, so it was the perfect influence for a unique and contemporary range. Whether ornate, gilt or refined, Italian design is also known for being of the highest quality, so we intended to carry this reputation forward with Sculpt.

What is it that makes Sculpt your favourite range?

I love Sculpt because of how unique it is to the UK market. It’s door style is beautiful, and the handle-less design is a bold statement that automatically gives an air of Italian flair to any room the range features in. It was a delight to design and style.

Does Sculpt appeal to a certain consumer?

When designing the Sculpt door range we had no specific target consumer in mind- we just wanted to bring something fantastic and modern to the fitted industry. It could be assumed that a younger demographic would love the contemporary handle-less design, which they do, but we also frequently see an older demographic who choose Sculpt doors to refresh and modernise a traditional home.

Which is your favourite of the Sculpt finishes?

Sculpt is available in Dove Grey, Anthracite, Cashmere and White, and I would have to say my favourite of the four is Anthracite.

The colour is a little darker than the majority grey furniture on the market at the moment, so I love that it’s unique and more daring than most. With the mix of Italian door style and a trend setting colour, you can make a real impact with just a small run of wardrobes, bringing a touch of Italy to any UK home.

Did you find it easy to style a room around the Sculpt range?

To be honest, initially I found it quite difficult as there are so many ways your can style a room with this door- my options were endless!

As the range is modern, I decided to style our room designs around contemporary living, but the sculpted doors make a powerful statement that work across multiple interior styles.