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Man surrounded by fitted bedroom furniture

01st Mar 2017 Inspiration & Lifestyle

Make Room For Kindred: An Innovative Bedroom Brand

Welcome to Kindred, an innovative company designed to change the fitted bedroom furniture industry. Our forward thinking approach...

Why sleep is important: Kindred bedroom designed to help you sleep

01st Mar 2017 Inspiration & Lifestyle

How to Sleep Better at Night

Here at Kindred, comfort is at the heart of everything we do. We know why sleep is important...

Woman stretches after using technology to sleep better

01st Mar 2017 Inspiration & Lifestyle

Can Technology Really Improve Your Sleep?

Technology is firmly part of everyday life - from navigating public transport to counting our steps - so...

Which pillows should I buy? Kindred bedroom with pillow on the bed

01st Mar 2017 Inspiration & Lifestyle

Which Pillows Should I Buy? A Guide.

Are you fed up with your pillows? Tired of waking stiff and crooked, spending the night adjusting and...