Real Bedrooms: Creating a dressing room with Essential Interiors

17th Feb 2020 Design

We explore a beautiful Kindred Bedrooms walk-in-wardrobe, designed and installed by Essential Interiors for their customers in County Durham.

We love receiving pictures of real bedrooms from our retailers, especially when they are as beautiful as this dressing room from Essential Interiors!

Each Kindred bedroom is unique- designed and tailored to an individual by our specialist retailers across the UK. Whether you’re longing for practical storage, a space that reflects your style, or a room that maximises your footprint, our Kindred specialists will take your ideas and turn them into a reality, helping you to fall back in love with your bedroom.

In this blog, we’ll be catching up with Neil, Managing Director at Essential Interiors to discuss their latest project, chatting about the inspiration behind the bedroom design and exploring how they created the space to reflect the needs of their customer.



Could you tell us a little about your customer and their home?

“The customers are from County Durham and bought their current house in 2019, aiming to renovate and make it their forever home.

“They set out to change the layout of the rooms as the new spacious dressing room was originally split into three separate spaces- an ensuite, a small dressing room and a lounge area.

“We really think this was the right decision to make, as the open space is amazing and it has given them the opportunity to introduce so many design features that weren’t possible with the previous structure.”




Was a dressing room always the customer's aim for this space?

“Yes, definitely! They had their hearts set on a dressing room from the beginning and incorporated it into the layout renovation especially.

“They really wanted a place to store all of their clothes and accessories together, with an abundance of storage solutions to make it practical whilst also being visually striking.”




What requirements did you have to cater for when designing the space?

“In terms of overall style, the client had a vision in mind- they’d been dreaming of a classic, timeless space that would still look amazing in ten year’s time.

“When it came to features, they really wanted an island in the centre of the room, to create a focal point in the open space and offer them extra storage. It was decided that we would create an island with a glass top on one half and wood on the other, so the customer could display their special items and accessories on the top and store away other items in the drawers below.

“We were really happy with how elegant this addition turned out to be – it really is beautiful and helps to give the room the wow factor!”



“Having somewhere to store and display their shoes was also an important requirement for the couple. We installed these beautiful ‘his and hers’ shelves, symmetrically at either side of a wardrobe to create an eye-catching feature whilst giving them easy viewing and access to their collection.”

“When it came to designing the actual wardrobes, the couple opted for doors rather than a open rail display as  they didn’t want the space to feel cluttered. We think this works well as it balances with the open shoe storage and open shelving units to create a seamless look.”



Why did the customer choose our Esker range?

“The client wanted the Esker shaker door as they felt that it had a timeless design with distinct character, especially with the beautiful shade of Matt Graphite. They loved it so much that they actually chose to use Esker in all of the other bedrooms of the house too, to keep a cohesive style throughout.”




What was your favourite part of the project, and what do the customers love best about the space?

“My favourite part was definitely how big the room was- it’s a designers dream. There were so many possibilities and the client was so excited to see what they could do with the room that it was a pleasure to work on. We were able to add lots of different design features to one room so it was really interesting to plan and to see the finished product.

“The customers loved all of it and I’m so pleased. The overall look was just what they’d been searching for and they were over the moon with how much storage their new wardrobes offered.”


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