Recipe Ideas: National Vegetarian Week

04th May 2018 Complete the Look Inspiration & Lifestyle

For National Vegetarian Week we have pulled together our favourite plant-based treats that are perfect for getting the whole family cooking.

National Vegetarian Week 2018 begins on the 14th May and runs until the 20th, so what better time to try going vegetarian for a week?

Celebrate by eating delicious meat-free food and having fun preparing it with the entire family. Here at Kindred, we are always looking for the perfect excuse to get everyone working together in the kitchen to serve up a treat.


Energy Balls – Olive Magazine 

We chose this recipe by Olive Magazine as there are three scrumptious and different recipes, all which are easy to follow. Our favourite are the Pistachio and Goji Berry Bites.


Energy Balls are our new favourite snack. We’ve seen them cropping up on our Instagram feeds for a while now and we’re firmly on board! Energy Balls are easy to prepare and perfect for that burst of instant energy. We love how quick they are to prepare in the evening, so take a few to work for that 3pm post-lunch slump as you go vegetarian for a week.


Anna’s Coconut Cauliflower Curry with Coppafeel! 

The Bosh! cookbook has been on our shelf for a while now. The recipes are very easy to follow, 100% plant-based and mouth-wateringly delicious – an ideal companion when going vegetarian for a week.


Bosh! partnered with Anna Jones and CoppaFeel UK to bring a series of recipes, including this one, to promote the awareness of Breast Cancer and its symptoms. This meal is the perfect healthy teatime treat for the entire family to enjoy during National Vegetarian Week.


Vegan Chocolate Cake with Avocado Chocolate Mousse – Good Housekeeping

We couldn’t write a recipe blog without including our favourite ingredient of the moment, avocado. As well as this cake looking delicious, all the healthy ingredients make for the perfect Instagram opportunity!


Good Housekeeping is quickly becoming our go to for healthy(ish) recipes. This cake is rich and moist, layered with avocado frosting. The addition of maple syrup adds a sweet kick to this dessert. As well as being vegetarian-friendly this cake is also vegan, making this our favourite dessert to be enjoyed by all. Who said going vegetarian for a week had to be boring!


Cranberry Mojito Punch Cocktail recipe – Sugar & Soul Co 

This cocktail is perfect for the summer months! As well as its bright colour the cocktail is also an added source of vitamin C – however we don’t think you can count this as one of your five a day!


This fabulous cocktail is also featured in this post by Eluxe Magazine. This post wraps up some brilliant boozy and vegan cocktail recipes for summer. Mastering these will have you feeling like a true mixologist, ready for parties and family gatherings (just the adults, of course!)

What is your favourite vegetarian recipe?