Bucket and spade

Stay-at-home Summer ideas to keep the little ones busy

31st Jul 2018

Summer is here, and so are the school holidays. It’s time for bronze skin, ice lollies, and trying to keep the children occupied for six whole weeks…

Summer can be the most amazing time of the year, but if you’re a parent on a budget, the holidays could end up quite stressful with the pressure of keeping the little ones entertained.

We’re sharing five of our favourite stay-at-home activities to do this Summer, so you don’t have to hear the words ‘I’m bored’, and you can avoid breaking the bank.

Take a look at our Pinterest board Stay-at-Home Summer ideas for some more inspiration.

Make your own beach

Heading to a beach can provide many hours of fun for little ones, making sandcastles, swimming in the sea, or playing ball games- but a beach isn’t always easily accessible, and travel can be expensive.

So, why not make one in the comfort of your own home (or garden to save on mess)?

Bucket and spade


Whether you make a sandbox yourself, or purchase one from a local retailer, you can create a beach that will last all Summer. For the full ‘beach’ treatment, add a paddling pool, a bucket and spade and homemade fish and chips. For extra entertainment, encourage children to give their beach a name and create a welcome sign.


Top tip: A pop up tent is the perfect make-shift sandbox, providing shade and a zip to keep the neighbour's cat out at night!

Build a den

Whether outdoors or indoors, building a den is always exciting for young ones. Collect up throws, spare blankets and cushions from around the house, and if you have them, clothes pegs are perfect for construction.

This is the perfect activity to let the little ones’ imaginations run wild, and you might have fun too.


Build a den

Top tip: Hang battery powered fairy-lights to make your den extra cosy.

Craft station

For a great low-budget activity, a craft station will provide hours of entertainment. Save money by gathering up bits and bobs from around the house you already have, like empty toilet rolls, cereal boxes, felt tips and finger-paints. PVA glue, scissor shapes and glitter are also fun, affordable extras you could pick up at a local retailer.

Then, pop the little ones in some old clothes you don’t mind them ruining, and give them free reign!


Top tip: Visit Pinterest for crafty ideas if children need inspiration.

Host a fashion show

It’s not secret that children love putting on shows for their parents, so why not set them the task of performing their own catwalk? Whether this is with their own clothes, fancy dress outfits, or you let them have free pick from your own wardrobe, they will love having the challenge and getting creative with clothes.

Also, if they’re trying to walk in your shoes that are ten sizes too big for them, there’s bound to be some adorable photo opportunities.

Walk in wardrobe

What are your favourite stay-at-home Summer activities?

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