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Things to do this Easter weekend

26th Feb 2018 Inspiration & Lifestyle

After a (very) snowy few months, we at Kindred are really looking forward to the arrival of Spring. The warmth of the morning sunlight through our windows, the refreshing scent of freshly cut grass and the first sight of daffodils. There are so many reasons to love Spring, and for us Easter really marks the start.

Easter is the perfect time for all of the family to get together at home; take part in an Easter egg hunt, host a family meal, or keep the kids busy with some arts and crafts. We have shared three of our favourite activities to make room for over the long Easter weekend.

1. Writing Easter Cards

Giving Easter Cards is a tradition that is not as common as Christmas Cards. However, there is nothing we like more than receiving a handwritten card from our loved ones. Take this as an opportunity to reflect and celebrate the love, life and happiness shared amongst those closest. There are lots of different styles of Easter cards online, we love this Tree Centrepiece card at Marks & Spencer.

2. Host an Easter Tea Party

Does anything smell more like Easter than a warm spiced hot cross bun? Why not use the long weekend to have a go at making your own? You can even get the kids involved. We love BBC Good Food’s easy to follow recipe for the perfect treat. Give it a go and share your baked beauties with us on social media. Hover over the image below to use the slider.

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Click here to view the full recipe on BBC Good Food.

Pinterest board of things to this Easter weekend inspiration

Take a look at our Pinterest board Easter Ideas for some more inspiration.

3. Create some Easter drinks

Easter is a time for indulgence, especially if you are a kid. So many chocolate eggs you think they will never be hungry again. But why stop at food? How about creating a few special Easter drinks that will add some flavour to the weekend – not to mention some colour!

Our Everyday Life has some brilliant ideas for adding a real sense of fun to any Easter get together. From fruit smoothies to frozen hot chocolate, there is bound to be something to inspire you. We can highly recommend the Easter Cream!

'Make the most of Easter this year with Kindred'

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