How to measure

How to measure for your sliding wardrobe

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Please follow these simple guidelines to get the perfect fit for your sliding wardrobe doors. Please continue to the bottom to find guidelines on measuring for angled doors.

Step 1: Measure your space

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    You can have full floor to ceiling sliding doors on any height opening,
    up to a maximum of 2540mm.

Step 2: Measure the height

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Step 3: Measuring width

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Step 4: End panel to end panel

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Measuring for your angled door

When taking measurements for an angled sliding wardrobe, it is helpful to first draw a sketch of the space. You will need to draw a front elevation and a plan view of the area.

Again, it is important to include factors that may affect the position of your wardrobe, such as sockets, switches, window ledges or pipes etc when your draw the space. 

The method for measuring will depend on whether you require a single ended angled door wardrobe or a double-ended angled door wardrobe.


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Measuring for your single-ended angled door

Important: remember to measure roughly in the position of the doors, rather than flat to the back wall in case the walls bow or taper. 

(J) Measure the full height from floor to ceiling

(K) Measure the ceiling width from the wall to the start of the angled slope

(L) Measure the full width, at floor level, from one wall to the other

(M) Measure the wall height from the floor to the start of the angled slope

(N) Measure the length of the angled slope


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Measuring for your double-ended angled door

Measure the full width of your aperture along the floor and mark the centre point (CP).

(O) The overlap on the doors depends of the chosen profile and is normally about 35-50mm.

(P) Add the two floor measurements to either side of the centre point on your diagram.

(Q) Using the plumb line, transfer the centre point at the floor level to the ceiling.

(R+S) Measure the width of the ceiling from each side of the centre point to the start of the angled slope.

(T) Measure the height of the wall at each end from the floor to the start of the angled slope.

(U + V) Measure the lengths of the two angled slopes.