Why Choose Kindred?

Fitted bedrooms didn’t have the best reputation. Dated, bulky, inflexible and hard to fit, they were in serious need of a new lease of life. That’s why Kindred was born. We decided they deserve better, so set out to become the new face of fitted by creating stylish, contemporary furniture that not only suits your life but complements it.

The New Face of Fitted

Family is at the heart of everything we do (it’s why we’re called Kindred) but we aren’t simply talking about 2.4 children. From young first time buyers and toddlers who need their own room, to kids who think they know it all and parents whose children have flown the nest. We are committed to designing fitted bedrooms for real homes and real lives.

Many people look at the living room or kitchen as home essentials, but we are flying the flag for bedrooms as well. Where else can you truly escape life’s chaos for calm? In what other room is luxury actually a requirement? Kindred is there from getting dressed in the morning to kicking your shoes off at night, and everything in between.

Life Begins at Home

Our philosophy is to always start at home; bedrooms that fit seamlessly into modern life, enhancing the everyday with practical solutions and beautiful design. We create with real life in mind, developing furniture to suit any type of home and always ensuring it is competitively priced. That said, everything we produce will always be designed to inspire.

From the quality of the materials used to build our products, through to the people who make up our installation teams, we always strive for a flawless customer experience from the moment you discover us. You can find Kindred products in a wide range of retailers across the UK, so we are always close to home.

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Ethics in Mind

As well as making an impression on the fitted bedroom industry, we also aim to leave a positive mark on our planet.

All our materials are sourced from well managed forests, meaning that when you buy with Kindred you can be sure that you’re helping our forests thrive for generations to come.

Your home should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love.

Nate Berkus